Ricotta Forte Cheese 200 gr


It is not spicy, but it does has a strong personality. Ricotta forte* cheese originates as a fresh ricotta made from a mix of Apulian sheep’s, goat’s and cow’s milk which evolves with a controlled fermentation that Gallone has been able to standardize. The result is a very tasty delicious cheese cream to eat with bread, taralli bread rings, crackers, or with pasta and rice, in panzerotti, or as an accompaniment to french fries. It has an average maturing period of 12 months.

*Naturally lactose free

Consumption and conservation advice:
Ricotta forte cheese comes in a jar or in a plastic container. We recommend it’s consumed within 365 days from the packaging date.
Once opened, it must be closed carefully, stored in the refrigerator and consumed within two weeks to best retain its delicacy and organoleptic characteristics.

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