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Welcome to Puglia, the cheese capital of Southern Italy. We are in the Brindisi area of Salento. This is where Caseificio Gallone transforms milk into many bounties using man’s knowledge with dedication and passion every day. The Gallone family has chosen to exclusively make two products excellently: Apulian cacioricotta and ricotta forte cheeses. By choice, Caseificio Gallone uses 100% milk from Puglia. Do you want to immerse yourself in the culinary art of Puglia, learn about traditions and innovations, discover what cacioricotta and ricotta forte cheeses are? Welcome to Ceglie Messapica and to Caseificio Gallone.



We get up at dawn, even when its a holiday, and we never stop because animals always need to be looked after. We appreciate the magic of an infinite rainbow of products born from a single raw material, milk. These are the solid foundations upon which we have built Caseificio Gallone in small increments, from the 90s onwards. We share the goodness of our dairy production that was, and remains, proudly artisanal.

To make cacioricotta and ricotta forte cheeses from Caseificio Gallone you need high quality milk, technology and lots of passion for excellence. Some people buy milk, father Tommaso, born into a family of farmers, knows about milk and therefore chooses to constantly monitor the white gold of the Murge of Bari, Taranto and Brindisi, with Salento being the capital of goat’s milk. The selection starts with the family that produces it, only from qualified companies and with final verification from laboratory analysis: Gallone only accepts milk without traces of antibiotics and inhibitors. He says it clearly and proudly: our cacioricotta and our ricotta forte cheeses are made from 100% Pugliese milk.

Same taste, lactose free!

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