Cacioricotta cheese

What is
cacioricotta cheese

It is a dairy product that is obtained directly from boiling milk. This very special feature ensures that all the proteins converge into a single product: from which its name cacioricotta derives.

In practice, unlike other cheeses, after processing cacioricotta no other product can be made from it. It gains a peculiar characteristic from the processing method: the nutritional quality of the proteins is more complete. In ancient times it was recommended to the sick, probably because it was originally only made from goat’s milk.

With modern interpretations, it is made with sheep or cow’s milk as well. Cacioricotta stands out as a benchmark to measure the pleasantness of its salting; an art in which Caseificio Gallone has great skill.
Although cacioricotta is recognized as a product of excellence from Apulia, and Salento is one of the areas where it historically originated, it is also widespread in Campania, Molise, Abruzzo, Basilicata and Calabria with similar yet different characteristics.